Old shoes lead to 7 lessons on ergonomics

May 15th, 2012 by admin

The cap on the heel of my shoe came off and the rough edge caught on the carpet. So I went tumbling down the steps at home.

Bob and I have been cleaning out the last of my Dad’s things so the old house could go on the market. We have lifted and lugged enough heavy furniture, boxes and “old stuff” to fill a 16 ft. rental truck once and our pick-up 3 times.

The results of the strain and the fall really showed up after I sat at my desk – doing normal things I do at work. The pain in my neck and down one side of my back was excruciating and it wouldn’t go away.

After 5 trips to the chiropractor, ice packs, the heat pad and stretching exercises – I’m almost back to normal. (Sorry, Dr. Michelle Robbin, but geography kept me from coming to you.) This experience taught me 7 lessons about ergonomics and led to a special sale on wireless headsets.

1. Use a headset instead of holding the phone between your shoulder and cheek to avoid neck strain.
2. Even better, use a wireless headset so you can easily get up and move around. A healthy human body
shouldn’t sit in one position longer than 20 minutes at a time.
3. Do stretching exercises to keep muscles loose and relaxed.
4. Position the computer screen at eye level so you don’t hunch over or scrunch your neck.
5. Sit up and stand up straight. Good posture is not only better for your health, it feels better once you get
used to it.
6. Keep your feet flat on the floor while at your desk.
7. Get rid of broken shoes and “old stuff” you’ll never use. They could trip you up and cause a pain in
the neck!

COMMWORLD of KC is pleased to announce the no-more-pain-in-the-neck Wireless Headset Promotion! Order five wireless headsets and you get the sixth one free.

Show all the phone users in your office that your company cares about their health and comfort. These are top-of-the-line headsets that have earned the approval of Toshiba. They also work well with other manufacturer’s phones. Choose between 2 models to fit your needs. Call 816-763-1100 or email for details.


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