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Existing Toshiba Users…Don't Panic

Toshiba will discontinue selling new telecommunications systems effective May 22, 2017. This does not affect the support of your existing Toshiba System..

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Are you frustrated with all the places you must call to provide your business Telecom / Data / Internet / VoIP needs? We understand the critical role that a telecommunication system plays in the smooth operation, growth and success of every business.

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Who We Are

COMMWORLD is unique in the ever-changing telecommunications industry.

COMMWORLD was founded in 1981 with the concept that medium and small businesses deserve communications products and services usually reserved for only the largest Corporations. For 41 years we have succeeded outlasting 330+ competitors in the Kansas City area. (Yes, we counted and we've got the proof!)

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What We Do

  • Communications System Design, Programming & Installation
  • Voice & Data Cabling
  • Call Center Applications & Call Reports
  • Training
  • Analysis of Local, Long Distance & Broadband Service
  • Experts in Business Relocations
  • Coordination of Telecom & Data Services
  • Moves, Adds, Changes and Service
  • Network Analysis
  • VoIP Connectivity
  • Video Surveillance
  • Conference Calling & Webinar Services