Reviewing Your IT Service Providers

December 12th, 2017 by admin

Many elements of our lives have gotten easier as technology improves each year. More and more things are being automated, speeding up our work processes and making us more efficient. With all those new applications and systems comes the hassle of managing your service provider contracts and relationships....
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Providing All-Around Service

October 23rd, 2017 by admin

We've all worked with that one salesperson pushing a solution on you without considering your unique needs. Instead of just throwing VoIP and cloud solutions at your business, Commworld determines how your business can directly benefit. Our team is focused on ensuring that your IT...
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Cloud Solutions and The Many Benefits

August 21st, 2017 by admin

Have you ever thought what could happen to your business should disaster strike? Any sort of disaster, whether natural or accidental, can have tremendous effect on your business. From loss of time to loss of data, it can be a detrimental situation. Being prepared is key, one...
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Unified Voice Processing and Messaging

July 26th, 2017 by admin

While it’s important to have a strong, reliable voice telecommunication system for your business, having a dedicated messaging system while your office is closed is equally important. Commworld of Kansas City offers great auto attendant solutions from Samsung that can boost not only your efficiency...
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Finding You Communication Savings

July 13th, 2017 by admin

With the increase in quality IT tools and applications, comes the inevitable rise in useless and expensive systems that sales people claim you just "have to have" to compete. In addition, phone bills seem to be getting more expensive every year, with charges you don't understand or...
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Quality Video Surveillance

April 15th, 2017 by admin

Break-ins and theft come as a surprise to every business. You always hope that it will happen to someone else, even while you take measures to protect your own business. Part of these protections should include a quality video surveillance system. Options used to be quite limited - clunky CCTV systems...
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Easy & Low Cost Cloud Solutions

March 30th, 2017 by admin

We can't stress enough to our customers how much they could save with cloud solutions for their business IT. Instead of having to invest heavily in equipment, you can select a setup that requires low upfront costs. You're not responsible for server maintenance, upgrades, and security - those are handled...
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Toshiba for Small Businesses

February 23rd, 2017 by admin

We recently installed a new Toshiba IPedge phone system for a law firm when they moved into a new building. Not only did the customer feel like Commworld was a good fit to work with, but they also appreciate features such as the Meeting call bridge - included with all IPedge products. The system gives...
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Moving Together

January 11th, 2017 by admin

All business owners have gone through the frustrating process of setting up a new office or relocating their facility. The to-do list keeps growing and every day brings new frustrations. It can be tempting to leave the IT infrastructure until the last moment - only to discover how hard it is to balance...
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Unified Messaging to Benefit Your Phone System

December 7th, 2016 by admin

No one likes to lose possible leads merely because the office is closed. It's important to have a good system in place to take messages outside of office hours. Preferably, a personalized service that will reflect well on your business. But how to ensure that none of your messages get lost? How best...
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