Free kitten with every order

June 20th, 2012 by admin

Free kitten with every order…

Supplies limited. Must have a loving heart and good home to qualify.

Adorable, Playful, Affectionate and Litter-Box Trained…. They’ve been coming to work at COMMWORLD to enhance their socialization skills. As much as I hate to part with any of them, 5 kitties plus our older Fluffy Cat is too many. If you have love to give to one of these babies, just call Linda or Bob at the COMMWORLD office. (816-763-1100) The kittens are free to good homes. (Just kidding about the kitten with every order – there’s no purchase necessary!)

We snapped this picture shortly before moving the plant. The kittens had just discovered it and we were concerned that it could be harmful to them. I knew they would be extremely harmful to the plant. You should see the fun and mayhem they create with fake greenery.

A Mommy cat visited our barn and delivered 5 adorable kittens. By the time Bob and I discovered them, their eyes were open, they were walking around and they were hungry for the kitten food we gave them. Mommy isn’t wild, but she was very cautious. It took time and patience to win her confidence to allow us to pet her and the kittens. We knew we had to get the kittens early or they would become feral cats.

It seems the socialization is working. As I write this, 2 of the little darlings are sound asleep on my lap.

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