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April is full of significant occasions... Earth Day, Administrative Professional's Day, April Fool's Day, Tax Day. But did you know it's also Stress Awareness Month? On second thought, maybe its stress awareness month because of tax day.

It's too late to do anything about this year's taxes, but we hope you'll like some of our ideas for the other events. We also think you'll be interested in the 50% Discount on IP phones, contest and other goodies included in this issue.

Thanks for taking time to take a peek!

Bob Bennett, Linda Bennett &
the COMMWORLD of Kansas City Team

50% Discount on Toshiba IP Phones

...with a new, award-winning IPedge Communications System

Let us put our 30 years of experience and expertise to work for you. Other companies just sell phone systems. We'll design solutions for your challenges and install technology that improves your business and gets the results you want.

Contact us at 816-763-1100 or info@commworld-kc.com to schedule a "test drive" to see what the Winning IPedge can do for your business.

Today, companies have to stay up with technology and ahead of the competition to even be in the game. Sure you can make calls on your old business phone system, but will it do this?

Save Money Increase Productivity Grow Sales
Enhance Company Image Improve Customer Satisfaction

Toshiba's new, award-winning IPedge - VoIP (voice over internet protocol) communications system can!

If you don't call us for a free "test drive", you may need to call us for free psychoanalysis... because your old phone system could be driving you crazy!

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April 22 was Earth Day...

How Green is Your Technology?

What does communications technology have to do with going green? Implementing up-to-date communications applications can not only improve business productivity, it can also reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Mobility solutions allow people to work from anywhere... the client's site, airport, coffee shop or from home. There's no need to travel back to the office to do paperwork, collaborate with other staff, etc. This technology helps get things done faster, more efficiently with less travel.

Telecommuting saves time, gasoline and gives today's workers the flexibility they want for a well-balanced life. Studies show that telecommuters actually get more done than their in-office counterparts. The company can also reduce the amount of office space and related operational expenses. Less heating, cooling, etc. means cost savings while reducing the carbon footprint.

Conference calling, video conferencing and web collaboration reduce the need for travel while enhancing communication. Obviously when you reduce travel, you're saving gas, time and a lot more. For multi-site businesses, networking the locations together allows them to work as one unified company reducing long distance and travel expenses while improving communication.

Unified Messaging also enhances a company's green initiatives. Faxes, emails and voice mail messages are all accessed and managed in one Inbox. This saves time, increases organization and saves paper. Treat faxes like emails and only print the ones you really want to print instead of printing every fax that comes to the machine.

The right technology can probably help your business in more ways than you ever thought.

Win a $2500 Phone System, $450 Flat Screen TV or $399 Tablet Computer!

Contest extended again until May 31st!

Create a video (3 minutes or less) to tell why you need a new business phone system. Use your digital camera, cell phone or other video device and don’t worry about making it look professional. Just make it entertaining, original and creative!

  • 1st Prize - Toshiba IPedge VoIP system or Strata CIX phone system worth $2500 or more.
  • Or apply $2500 toward a larger system or an upgrade of an existing Toshiba phone system.
  • 2nd Prize - Toshiba 32" LCD Flat Screen TV valued at $450.
  • 3rd Prize - Toshiba Thrive Tablet Computer valued at $399.

It's easy to enter:

  • Visit the Toshiba Phone Systems Facebook Page
  • "Like" Toshiba Phone Systems on Facebook.
  • Click on the "Phone-A-Saurus Contest" tab on the left.
  • Click on the "Enter Here" tab to submit your video.
  • Fill in COMMWORLD of Kansas City as the referring Toshiba dealer!

COMMWORLD of Kansas City and Toshiba are partnering to bring you the Phone-A-Saurus contest... the most incredible offer since the Jurassic period. Call Linda at 816-763-1100 for any questions.

Good Luck and Have Fun! We would love to see YOU win!

Honor Administrative Professional's Day

April 25, 2012 is Administrative Professional's Day. This is the 60th anniversary of the special day previously known as Secretaries Day. Show the Administrative Professionals in your office that you really appreciate their hard work with something to help them do the job more easily and make them feel better.

A high quality wireless headset will allow them to use the phone and computer simultaneously without causing neck strain. The new models are lightweight, comfortable and don't mess up your hair.

Wireless technology allows the mobility to move around the office instead of being tethered to a desk. Trips to the copier, file room, etc. will be easier. The new wireless headsets are designed to enhance the way we work creating greater comfort and increased productivity while maintaining excellent sound quality.

Here are two of our most popular models:

Make a Phone Call for More Effective Communication

"I did not say Bill stole the money."

Business guru, Peter Drucker, stated that 60% of management problems are the result of poor communication. Effective communication is a critical part of succeeding in business and life. Each of us receives communication through our own set of filters. Our up-bringing, experience, education and attitudes form our perception of the words we hear and read.

My girlfriend is offended when someone refers to females as "you guys". I grew up in Lee's Summit and that's how the girls referred to each other, so "you guys" suits me just fine.

If Joe sent you this sentence in an email or text message, what would you think he meant?

I did not say Bill stole the money.

Did it mean...

  • Joe didn't say it, but someone else said it. (I did not say Bill stole the money.)
  • Bill didn't steal the money, he just borrowed it. (I did not say Bill stole the money.)
  • It wasn't the money Bill stole, but he did steal something else. (I did not say Bill stole the money.)
  • Joe is mad because he was accused of saying Bill stole the money. (I did not say Bill stole the money.

A simple sentence can have many different interpretations. Inflection, intonation, pace and emotion of the human voice clears up much of the confusion.

Email and texting are valuable tools and they're ideal for some types of communication, but often it makes better sense to pick up the phone and call. Two way, real-time communication is most effective, but even a voice mail message retains the voice characteristics that add to the meaning of words.

Today you can get your voice mail messages when and where you want them. Get them in your Outlook Inbox on your computer or smart phone. Get an alert to notify you have a voice mail message. Listen on your desk phone, cell phone, home phone, computer speakers, where and when it suits you.

Before you write an email or text, ask yourself if the communication might be more effective if you just pick up the phone and call.

Feeling Stressed? Here's Help.

For 20 years, April has been designated Stress Awareness month. Maybe April was selected for this questionable honor because April is also when our Income Taxes are due. Now that is a stressful thought!

The American Institute of Stress estimates that stress costs businesses in the U.S. over $300 billion annually in lost productivity, rising health insurance premiums, absenteeism, etc. The American Psychological Association's 2010 survey found that almost 75% of Americans admit they feel highly stressed. Experts say the survey indicates a national health crisis. It is increasingly accepted that stress is a major factor, if not the major cause of illness.

There are many strategies we can use to reduce stress including deep breathing, meditation, laughter, eliminating clutter, improving organization, working in chunks of time, prayer, positive affirmations and managing interruptions. There are also techniques called energy psychology which combine affirmations and acupressure to help us make shifts in our perceptions.

These techniques are based on findings of modern science combined with ancient knowledge of the human body and psyche. They are drug-free, non-invasive processes you can easily learn and do for yourself.

If you're intrigued and want to know more, contact COMMWORLD CEO & Founder, Bob Bennett at
816-763-1100 or reb@commworld-kc.com.

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" What concerns me is not the way things are, but rather the way people think things are."
- Epictetus, Greek Philosopher, 55 AD – 135 AD

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